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Statement by the President

My esteemed colleagues,
We have set for ourselves the noble purpose in Rio 2013 to create opportunities for regional cooperation among ourselves and build up a dynamic online platform where we can engage our members and the ICOM community more effectively and sustainably within the framework of the ICOM Strategic Plan.
It is indeed an auspicious beginning for us all, that we can deliver on our promises and commitments at the start of 2014. This requires not only our talents, our time and our resources but most importantly our unwavering commitment to do what we can to make every promise a reality. Foremost in our agenda for the year is the successful accomplishment of the development and launch of the ICOM-ASPAC website. We wish to acknowledge the dedication and hard work of the ICOM-ASPAC Secretariat in developing the ICOM-ASPAC website and ensuring its delivery on schedule. This is definitely a happy event for the museum community in the Asia-Pacific Region, and together, we extend our warm congratulations to our Team ICOM-ASPAC Website who have deservedly met our high expectations of helping forge an online community and put ICOM-ASPAC in the mainstream of ICOM networking.
Speaking of auspicious beginnings, the ICOM-ASPAC website is a newborn infant, compared to the websites of the other regional alliances. It is interesting to point out that its trailblazing development involves the wholehearted effort of youthful webmasters- fresh college graduates who have animated their work with their genuine love of museums and infused each part with every enthusiasm, breadth of vision and understanding that they can individually and collectively muster. I believe that this website will evolve with the growth of these young people, as they go through the learning curve of their museum experiences and their understanding of museums gets deeper and richer through the years, with our support and encouragement.
Given its multiple nationalities and diverse cultures, the Asia-Pacific is forging ahead as the most dynamic region in museum development in the world at present. In this context of diversity and dynamic growth, museums play a unique role in the social, economic and cultural activities where museum development is driven by strong public demand. All these point to the fact that museums in the region are presented with tremendous opportunities for growth and development. Together, in the ICOM-ASPAC, we can rise up to meet the exciting challenges that we are facing and achieve our goals with unremitting and joint efforts.
The purpose of launching this website is two pronged: to open up a window through which the public will be able to discover and explore the colorful and diverse museum landscape in the Asia-Pacific region and; to provide a professional platform for the museum communities to share experiences, exchange ideas, and learn from each other, thus creating synergies that will impact positively the sustainable development of museums in the world for the benefit of the future generations and the global community to which we are all inextricably linked.
So let us all work steadfastly and achieve our shared goals- together!
Dr. Song Xinchao    
ICOM-Asia Pacific