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The First Workshop of ICOM-ITC
Type the title here The First Workshop of ICOM-ITC After three years of planning and development, the ICOM International Training Centre for Museum Studies (ICOM-ITC) held its first workshop from 4-13 November, 2013 in Beijing, China...
ICOM New Year Card
ICOM 2013 in Rio
28th General Assembly of ICOM Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2013 RESOLUTION No. 1 Follow up and Intermediate Evaluation of Resolutions from the ICOM General Conference Considering the long tradition of Resolutions issued during the General Conference ..
ICOM President visiting Nanjing
Dr. Han Martin Hinz attended Reopening & 80th Anniversary Ceremony of Nanjing Museum.Reopening &80th Anniversary Ceremony of Nanjing Museum was held from Nov.6th-7th,2013. Dr. Hans Martin Hinz---president of ICOM attended the ceremony and its...