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The Czech Republic celebrates the opening of Chinese Museum Exhibition


The exhibition “Treasures of Ancient China ” from ShaanxiHistoryMuseum, Xi’an, PRC will be opened in PragueCastle to Czech public on August 8, 2014. It was a joint endeavor by Art Exhibition China and Czech-China Friendship Association and was supported by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage of China, the Cultural Ministry of Czech, and Chinese Embassy in the Czech for the celebration of 60th anniversary of the bilateral diplomatic ties between the two nations.

This is the first time for the installation of Chinese exhibition focusing on ancient cultural treasures in CzechRepublic, and also the first attempt of ShaanxiHistoryMuseum to organize overseas exhibition independently.



The exhibits total more than 90 sets, half of which from this museum, including the most representative pieces of this museum including pottery wares of the Neolithic Age, bronze vessels of Shang and Zhou dynasties, pottery figures of the Han and Tang dynasties, tri-colored pottery wares and jade, silver and gold objects, as well as the sculptures of the Tang dynasties. The Ming and Qing dynasties items include porcelains, enamels, dresses, paintings and calligraphies.



As one of the eight leading museums co-sponsored by the central government and the provincial authority, ShaanxiHistoryMuseum renovated its operation of overseas exhibition and is exploring new conservative ways to protect and to monitor the exhibits during the transportation and exhibition processes. Some advanced devices were installed to prevent any damage brought by the changes of temperature and humidity.



With this good start, Shaanxi History Museum welcomes further cooperation with other overseas museums and cultural institutions.

The exhibition will be closed on November 09, 2014.