Words from the Chairperson

Dear colleagues,

On behalf of International Council of Museums Asia-Pacific Alliance (ICOM-ASPAC), I am greatly delighted to invite you to ICOM-ASPAC 2012 Assembly which will take place in Wuhan city, Hubei Province, China from 24 to 27 September 2012. The general theme of the Assembly is "Today's Museums: Interdisciplinary Approaches".

Today's museums have operated in more opening-up manners: open to various types of heritage, diversity of people, different disciplines as well as new media and technologies etc. It formulates one of the features of current development in the museum sector, and challenges and inspires our profession. ICOM-ASPAC 2012 will bring ICOM family members in Asia and the Pacific Region together to discuss how today's museums are dealing with the issues of interdisciplinarity.

We warmly invite all the interested to send papers or case studies that should relate to the general theme of the Assembly. The deadline for submission is 30 July 2012.

I am very pleased that ICOM President, Dr. Hans-Martin Hinz, has already accepted our invitation.

I am looking forward to welcoming you in Wuhan!

With kind regards,


Zhang Bai

Chairperson, ICOM-ASPAC

About Hubei Province & Wuhan

imgHubei, which literally means "north of the lake", got its name from its position north to Lake Dongting. Officially abbreviated to "È", Hubei is also known as "a province with thousands of lakes". As a province of PRC, Hubei places its capital in Wuhan. Hubei covers an area of 185,900 square kilometers with a total population of 58 million people. more>>


img Wuhan East Lake International Conference Center is located in the east part of East Lake Hotel. As is known as "the State Hotel of Hubei Province", there are giant trees, green lawns, beautiful flowers and singing birds. The three buildings, in which the conference center is located, feature perfect integration of modern cultural trends with the essence of the traditional Hubei Culture. Built on different positions of a slope, the buildings have varying elevations and architectural styles that interpret traditional Hubei Culture as well as modern cultural trends. In the meantime, they are also a perfect integration of local identities with emerging international trends. more>>

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