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ICOM 2013 in Rio(4)

Recognising the essential role of the Secretariat for the implementation of the Strategic Plan and Resolutions from the governing bodies of ICOM;

Noting that in the light of recent events affecting the management of the Secretariat, a working group dedicated to the organisation of the Secretariat was established simultaneously with the hiring of an Interim Director General in office until 31 December, 2013;

Keen to restore and consolidate the conditions to enable effective functioning of ICOM and the success of its projects;

It is recommended by the 28th General Assembly of ICOM, meeting on 17 August, 2013 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, that the newly elected President and the Executive Council:

Continue the process of rebuilding the Secretariat, ensuring that it is undertaken in a transparent manner with any further actions fully endorsed by the Executive Council; and
Appoint the ICOM Director General as soon as possible, with the hiring process to be completed by the end of December 2013.
Museums, Gender Mainstreaming and Inclusion: Benchmarking against the ICOM Cultural Diversity Charter, Shanghai 2010
Noting that:

ICOM adopted the ICOM Cultural Diversity Charter during the 25th General Assembly in Shanghai, in November 2010;
ICOM also adopted during the 25th General Assembly ongoing support to the Inclusive Museum Knowledge Community;