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ICOM 2013 in Rio(2)

Considering the long tradition of Resolutions issued during the Triennial General Conferences and General Assemblies of ICOM;

Given that the purpose of the resolutions from the General Conference is to identify the major cultural orientations and policies of the Organisation;

Noting that the Rules of Procedures for Resolutions do not provide a framework to periodically assess their implementation during the three-year period following their adoption;

Given the repeated requests of ICOM Members taken at large regarding the implementation and evaluation of the Resolutions;

The General Assembly requests that the Executive Council establishes and implements, at the 29th General Assembly, an intermediate annual evaluation of ICOM resolutions assigned to the Resolutions Committee of the 23rd General Conference of ICOM.

It is recommended by the 28th General Assembly of ICOM, meeting on 17 August, 2013 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, that the Executive Council:

Establishes Rules of Procedure by June 2014 to follow up on the implementation of Resolutions from the 29th General Assembly of ICOM;
Ensures periodic evaluations of the implementation of Resolutions with a detailed draft report made available to the ICOM membership at least three months before the next General Conference in Milan; and
Encourages all National Committees, to the best of their abilities, to translate from now on, all new Resolutions into the working languages of their Committees and make them available through the different means of communication available to them. (These translations are not meant to be official texts, but working texts to enhance the implementation of the Resolutions worldwide.)
Adoption of the Statement of Principles of Museum Documentation